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G.E.O. Inc. provides innovative and low cost vapor extraction and treatment equipment for the environmental remediation and petrochemical industries. For over two decades, G.E.O. Inc. has pioneered cutting edge technologies for groundwater and soil remediation, and the control of VOC emissions.

G.E.O. Inc. manufactures and services a proprietary vapor condensation technology utilizing C3 Technology that condenses VOCs from VOC-laden vapor streams and collects the resultant non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) chemical for recycling, reuse or disposal. C3 Technology recovers 99.9% of all VOCs, PHCs, and SVOCs as NAPL condensate. C3 Technology allows VOC control systems to run without an upper limit of contaminant concentration. Turn key C3 Technology soil vapor extraction (SVE) and dual phase extraction (DPE) systems avoid dilution, supplemental fuels, and the costly expense of carbon change-outs. These benefits are amplified when C3 Technology is used alongside compatible technologies such as: ozone sparging, air sparging, multi phase extraction, groundwater recirculation, air stripping, and in-situ thermal treatment techniques. Operating under the strict vision of a cleaner and more sustainable environment, C3 Technology systems never emit or produce byproduct gasses, leaving a low carbon footprint.

At G.E.O. Inc., sustainable remediation, superior service and utilization of the most innovative, cost effective technology are always the highest priority.

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